Zecchou Rocket - 02

Duration: 19:45 Views: 942 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: These OAVs are a compilation of short stories about various students. Let's Play: A Small Treat: This first short story is about a girl named Suzuno who regularly has sex with two boys at the same time. Wish Plus: In this second story, the poor heroine seems to naturally attract spirits with sexual frustration. These spirits violate her very often until they are satisfied. Your Memories: This story revolves around a girl who seems to be amnesic. A guy finds her collapsed in the middle of the street and brings her to her room. When he wakes up, he will pretend to be his boyfriend and tell him that his name is Miku. The Manager's Job: In this story, a manager does not hesitate to offer her body to help the members of her sports club to overcome their various problems. Force it Forward Girl: This last story is about a girl who is frustrated by her slow-thinking boyfriend and who therefore accepts the help of an experienced friend. Based on the adult manga Waisetsu Missile Taropun.
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